The pillow is a very important accessory for a good night's sleep. Its presence is indispensable within the bedding and deserves to be the focus of great attention. In spite of this, the offer on the market is very wide and sometimes you get lost in it. Here is the point about the shape, the material and the density of the pillow, keeping in mind the best comfort you are going to have.

Basic rule of thumb before choosing the right pillow

Even if you have the best mattress in the world, it is essential to choose a good pillow for optimum comfort. No doubt that this will result in a sense of well-being for your body. Most people adopt the way of sleeping on their side. In this position, your head must be properly supported to promote the perfect alignment of your vertebrae. The use of a pillow is then essential. You can visit if you want to know howa to choose a pillow. It will support the space between the mattress and your neck. For people who adopt the way of sleeping on their back, which is not very common, the pillow remains very practical. The morphology of the sleeper is also a point not to be forgotten. The size of the pillow plays an important role in determining whether you should choose a pillow with a low or high thickness, and with lower or higher firmness. To find a pillow that fits your body shape, you need to know whether you are a stout person or a thinner person.

The standard size of a pillow

Here are the usual dimensions of the standard hexagon pillow: 65 cm high x 65 cm wide or 60 x 60. However, these measurements are not suitable for practical use. Most of the time the sleeper takes up a lot of space while sleeping. The square format of the pillow simply does not guarantee the well-being of the cervical spine.

The best size

On the other hand, the rectangular format, with its 50 cm x 70 cm, has a much larger width. During the night, turning over becomes quite practical and easy. Sleepers who are constantly on the move will find it quite useful. The rectangular format of the pillow is also suitable for tall people. As these people tend to stand a little higher in their bed, the lower part of their body tends to protrude slightly from the bed. So, what to choose, a square or rectangular pillow?