Pillows bring softness to the room

There are many ideas to create a cocooning decoration for a bedroom. The shapes and colours of the pillows play an important role. Pillows for a cocooning decoration The bedroom is the place where you spend a lot of time…

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How do you choose your curtains?

Do you want to redecorate your living room or other rooms in your house? If so, take the time to choose the curtains to install. This mini-guide includes 3 criteria to be taken into account during their acquisition. The destination…

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Choosing Nordic decor for a bright interior

The Nordic decor never ceases to appeal to people looking to bring a touch of novelty to their homes. You also want to redo your interior, but are not sure if this style suits you? Learn more about Scandinavian design…

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How to decorate your sofa with a plaid?

Plaids are basically known and used primarily for warmth. Did you know that the term plaid comes from the Gaelic word for “blanket”? In fact, it originally refers to a Scottish mountain blanket made from tartan fabric. Nowadays, plaid comes…

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