How do you choose your curtains?

Do you want to redecorate your living room or other rooms in your house? If so, take the time to choose the curtains to install. This mini-guide includes 3 criteria to be taken into account during their acquisition.

The destination room: an important criterion

To choose the curtains properly, start by determining the room in which the decorating equipment will be installed. In practice, polyester models are recommended for the kitchen, as they are easy to clean (they can stand the test of time in the washing machine). In the bedroom, it is best to buy versions that can create a perfect atmosphere during the day and retain the light at night. As for curtains for the living room, choose a discreet and light material such as linen and cotton sheer. These are perfect for creating an intimate atmosphere in the room.

Size: an element to consider

Before going to a specialty shop, take the time to measure the opening that is supposed to accommodate the curtain. Take the width as well as the length of the door or window and choose the decoration equipment according to the dimensions obtained. The width of the fabric to be purchased will then depend on the type of corrugations you are looking for. Just be sure to determine the length of the rod and allow about 30 cm more to guarantee the corrugations. The length of the curtain will depend on your preferences. In concrete terms, you can opt for a version that falls to the ground or a short model. Tip: add 10 cm to the measurements, as some materials tend to shrink after washing.

Colour: a point not to be overlooked

For a perfect embellishment, it is wise to match the color of the curtain with its surroundings (wall, ceiling, furniture, floor ...). The aim is to completely influence the atmosphere in the room. Lighter shades such as beige, white or grey can be used to enlarge the surfaces. They are recommended if you are short of space. On the contrary, you can afford to buy curtains in dark colours (dark green, black...) if you have a spacious room. Striped models are preferable in a room with low ceilings. They create a visual effect that increases the impression of height. Of course, the finishes for the curtains are also important. You have several options: eyelets, tabs, ties... it all depends on your taste.
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