Japanese Hoodies & Sweatshirts: Follow the trends

Japanese Hoodies

Japan is a nation that has numerous contrasts. The formal work culture is strict, and it combines well with the kawaii lifestyle. The contradictions and peculiarities are attractive. The rapid economic growth is also noticeable in different areas, including the fashion sector.  To purchase a trendy japanese hoodie check this page.

We’ll now look into different Japanese sweatshirts and hoodies trends that you should follow, and they include:

1. The Tokyo Half & Half Hoodie

Do you have a hard time choosing items such as hoodies? Do you spend a lot of time in a shop looking for a colour that suits you? If yes, the Tokyo Half & Half hoodie will suit you. When you have a hoodie that has two portions, and they’re both equal, you’ll feel satisfied. The trend is common in Tokyo and other parts of the globe. In this case, you can combine your favourite colours and get a feel of the Japanese vibes. You’ll have that perfect outfit. The hoodie has a regular fit, and it is also unisex. It’s made of polyester and cotton. Such a hoodie is suitable for summer nights. The delivery is not as fast; nonetheless, there is a two-week return policy.

2. Baby Girl Japanese Hoodie

The hoodie is cute, and it has Japanese writing and Kawaii vibes. The casual piece will make you stand out in the crowd, especially if you’ve opted for the pink one. The cheeky hoodie is also available in other colours, including black, white, grey, and red. The sizes are up to 3XL. The seller also ships them internationally.

3. Kawaii Hoodie That Has Bunny Ears

Most people first associate Kawaii with Japan. The word Kawaii was derived from a word that means blushing. Currently, Kawaii is associated with “cute.” The hoodie is cute, and it’s also cosy.

4. Two-Sided Hoodie “Learning Japanese”

They are suitable for anime fans who don’t want to read subtitles anymore, and they need to understand all their favourite characters without any need for translation. The hoodie has a Japanese flag and words that translate to “I’ll learn Japanese so I won’t watch anime with subtitles anymore.”

5. Sad Post 1987 Vaporwave Hoodie

This is a classic zip hoodie with a kangaroo pocket, and there is no particular design on the front. However, there is a purple sunset present on the back. The words present on the hoodie mean “sad post.” The internet meme is connected with Vaporwave. The theme of such pieces of art usually focuses on dark sarcasm. The message is sombre and sad, and it has been inserted in a colourful and beautiful background. Originally, vaporwave was a music style. It then mutated into art & design.

The design features computer graphics that are outdated, and there are neon colours. With these hoodies, you’ll feel like you are part of a certain subculture.

6. Adidas Tanami Japanese Hoodie

Adidas has gone ahead to collaborate with Keiichi Tanaami, a Japanese artist. The pop-art illustrations make the hoodie unique and fashionable. The signature by Adidas adds to the quality of the hood, and it’s also comfy. It is made of French Terry, and the cotton is completely eco-friendly. The kangaroo pocket ensures they have a casual look. The cuffs are also ribbed. When washing the hood, you should use cold water and mild detergent. With these Japanese hoodies, there is no need for a softener. Besides getting cool hoodies, you can go ahead and opt for sweatshirts.

7. A Hoodie that Has a Japanese Warrior Symbol

A hoodie that has a Japanese text has become among the popular trends currently. For instance, the text on this hoodie means “warrior.” It is thick, and it is suitable for colder days. The front part of it has warmer pockets. Unlike numerous printed tops in the market, this one can be washed using a washing machine. There are numerous reviews, and the seller is being praised because of fast shipping. The printing is also of good quality.

8. Forever 21 Japanese Graphic Hoodie

The mass market has adopted Japanese clothing trends. These cool hoodies and sweatshirt have contrast drawstrings. There is also a character on the sleeves that translates to “East,” which is present on the sleeves. The apparel is made of polyester and cotton. It is slightly cropped, and its silhouette is oversized. With this hoodie, you can showcase your love for the Japanese culture, and there is no need to shout it out.

9. “Ukiyo Wave” Hoodie

The hoodie design has been derived from recognizable artworks from Japan. The Ukiyo genre flourished during the 17th to 19th century. The term Ukiyo means “pictures of the floating world.”
The unisex hoodie is present in black & white. The hoodie has a regular fit, and its thickness is standard.

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