Obsidian rock forms when molten lava cools rapidly and dint have enough time to turn into glass. Check out obsidian for more information.


Like many other natural stones, it occurs in huge pieces. Lapidaries often cut them into beads, carvings and cabochons. Faceted pieces have a dark appearance except when they are in small pieces. These gems make natural stone jewellery, which can be bought from online stores.

The stone comes in different variations in terms of colours and types. This includes the rainbow crystals which are beautiful in nature. The transparent ones are very rare just like blue, reddish, and green colours. Hobbyists often facet these pieces. Most of these natural stones are mostly opaque and dark and these varieties of natural stone jewellery are very popular with jewellery enthusiasts as many online stores sell the lithotherapy jewellery form of these stones.

Types of the Gemstone


This variety is very popular and its name comes about from its snowflake-crystal nature. Online shops sell these stones in the form of cabochons ad beads.

Apache tears

Hobbyists who are starting out enjoy working with stones in their unaltered glass nature. The name is derived from the legendary Native American Apache people.


It’s reddish-brown due to the iron impurities.

Rainbow and fire

This type can showcase many awesome colours because of the included magnetite nano-crystals. The ‘fire’ type has fine layers of magnetite compared to the rainbow type.


It’s made of sheen and produced by including gas bubbles.

Pele’s hair

Its name is derived from the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanos. Its string-like in nature and can be airborne. Therefore, it can catch outdoor structures and trees.


Cutting tool

The conchoidal fracture of this stone makes it to break into small pieces that have curved surfaces. This fracturing results in rock fragments with edges that are very sharp and for this reason it is believed to have prompted use by early people.

The first use of this stone by early man was used as a sharp tool, and it was meant for cutting purposes. It was later that people learnt how to break it to produce various shapes of cutting tools. It was used to make scrapers, knives, arrowheads, knives and other weapons.

Once the discovery of this stone was made, it became a preferred raw material for making sharp objects.

Ancient Manufacturing and trade

Manufacturing tools made from this stone by humans goes way back to the Stone Age period. A lot of these stone flakes have been found in some locations which shows the presence of old factories. Most of these locations have adequate waste debris which is a clear indication that people worked there for many years to produce stone objects of various types. Making spear points, scrapers and knives from this stone can be considered as the first manufacturing industry in the world.

This stone was so valuable to early people in that they mined, transported it and carried out trade by exchanging it with other goods.

Modern surgery

This stone continues to be a crucial part in modern surgery. It can produce thinner and sharp edges that can work best compared to surgical steel. Thin blades from this stone are placed in scalpels for use in precise surgery.

Jewellery purposes

This rock is a popular gemstone. In most cases, it’s cut into cabochons and beads. It can also be useful in the manufacture of tumbled stones. These stones can be faceted and polished to produce reflective beads. Other transparent stones get faceted to produce unique gems.

Using this stone as lithotherapy jewellery is quite limited because of its durability. Its hardness is 5.5 making it easy to scratch. Moreover, it is not tough and can break easily and upon impact, it can be chipped. Since its durability is a challenge, its not used to make bracelets and rings. It works best for pendants, earrings and brooches.

It can be used in making opal triplets and opal doublets. Composite stones can be made by gluing thin opal chips and this stone together. This stone improves the stability of the opal and also contributes to the dark background.


It’s also known as the stone of truth, the black type of this stone is used to reveal mysteries; the inner world of the individual using the stone and inner world of the cosmos. Its sharpness is also considered as a metaphysical property. The stone is powerful in that it can aid in pointing out lies, illusions blockages and fearful facades.

The stone can unveil a lot of information together with the strength of its truthful energy. The dark nature is believed to unveil the darkness that is blocking light at any given situation. For this reason, the black stone is used with much care and respect.


The stone has the power to draw in negative energy. This acts as a protection factor in the surrounding where it has been placed. Its therefore used as a protection element at home and in various body adornments.

Feng Shui uses

The stone is used in Feng Shui as a cure for north bagua region, which is a region connected to someone’s path and career in life. Besides providing the energy of water Feng shui element which is necessary in the north area, it also clears obstacles from one’s life.

Since the stone is believed to have the ability to draw in negative energy, wash it regularly and be aware of its physical surrounding. Don’t place it on the ground or somewhere it can be forgotten.

Lithotherapeutic properties

Due to its powerful properties, the stone must be used with extreme care while doing litho therapy. It is a protective stone containing powerful strength which acts very fast. It is well suitable for people who are vulnerable. It also offers protection against negative energies.

Those wearing this stone pendant are believed to be granted a protective shield. For psychological purposes, the stone can offer adequate energy to the person wearing it by providing inner peace and calming their soul. It also clears their minds through reduction of confusion and further opening the third eye. The stone also shares a bond to the celestial world. Most people use the stones as a communication tool with the parallel world.

Most therapists place this stone in their hands with another being at the root chakra. This protects their minds from instability. The stone also mitigates various pains like joint pains and cramps. It also gets rid of any surrounding negative energies. Placing the stone near your bed while asleep helps to dissipate any mental tensions.

These lithotherapeutic jewellery stones can be purchased online at cheaper prices as some sites offer discounts on these stone products.


The energy that the stone releases can act as a gift of precognition and prophesy. These powerful crystals can boost precognition and in recent years it has been used to stimulate the ability to prophesize.

Those willing to boost their ability to get precognitive messages, then these stones can be of great use in meditation. They also help in contacting spirit guides. Spirit guides can be asked for help in case you get visions about future happenings and urgency of getting clarity regarding the message.

Those having clairvoyant gifts can use these stones to their advantage and can use them to get psychic visions. The shiny surface feature of the stones can enable users to see future events reflected on the stone. However, messages can be received through psychic senses.

Ideas can also be communicated through hearing precognitive messages or feeling what is coming your way. If users receive messages through their dreams, precognitive dreaming can be highly encouraged. It is recommended to place the stone near your bed at night.

Severing ties

This stone has the ability to sever the user from negative attachments which may have taken into your aura unintentionally. Most of these negative attachments are related to karmic ties which connect an individual to people they are close to especially those they shared a relationship with.

This stone can be used to visualize these unwanted ties. To remove the unwanted ties, you can use a sweeping motion and ask for all connections and ties from someone to be removed. If this is difficult, then you can ask for help from guides and angels. Some people might find it challenging using the stone for this purpose. Therefore, it is good to take care while using the stone for this purpose as cutting cords can be quite emotional.


The natural stone has no limitations. The litho therapy stone jewel relates to bringing out attributes that a user may have been initially ignoring. The stone’s energy can be used to push you towards making these changes. They work faster and have a strong vibration of truth. Purchasing these jewel stones online is recommended as you can find various types of jewels that you desire.