There are many ideas to create a cocooning decoration for a bedroom. The shapes and colours of the pillows play an important role.

Pillows for a cocooning decoration

The bedroom is the place where you spend a lot of time sleeping or resting. Sleep is very important to have a productive, dynamic and above all positive day. Your room can become cocooned, whatever its style. It will become warm and will have an enormous intimacy with the different types of pillows. Colours, textiles and furniture play very important roles in a cocooning decor. Warming the room with cocooning decoration is the best solution during autumn and winter to have a happier life. DUMAS PARIS Gives you further more information about choosing the right pillow for you.

What exactly is a cocooning decoration?

With the drop in temperatures during autumn and winter, it is advisable to make a cocooning decoration with warm and soft materials. This decoration brings a lot of warmth to your interior so that you don't let the weather collapse. Plaids, duvets and pillows with soft materials are appropriate to warm the bedroom. Duvets and pillows and duvet cushions made in France are very important in a cocooning room to give the bed a visual and comfortable feeling of well-being. On this occasion, you can opt for various sizes and colours of covers.

The different shapes of decorative pillows

The pillow has a main role in the cocooning decoration of a room. The colours of the pillows can be matched with the duvet or fitted sheet. The bolster also enhances them and it is preferable to install small colourful cushions on the bed. To give a graphic style to a cocooning decoration, pillows should be stacked or cascaded with matching colours. The classic shape is always elegant and the faux fur cushions give a nice texture to the room. Also try to combine colours for a decorative look.

Colours for a cocooning decor

In a cocooning room, neutral and soothing colours are used. Neutral colours are used a lot, such as grey, taupe, white and linen. These shades give a cosy look to the interior and create a warm atmosphere. It is not advisable to use bright colours. These neutral colours can be combined with the furniture for a cocooning decoration resulting in a soft atmosphere. In general, neutral tones can be combined with any type of furniture. Pastel colours such as powder pink, sky blue and almond green are also recommended to stay soft.