How do you choose your table linen?

Table linen is an essential accessory to decorate and create a harmonious atmosphere in your dining room. Table-cloths, napkins, table runners, placemats, tea towels, aprons, each of these elements play a subtle role to offer you a sumptuous decoration. Dare to sublimate your space.

What type of fabric to choose?

In principle, two natural materials contribute to the making of table linen: cotton and linen. The most favoured fabrics include classic linen, washed linen, half-linen, cotton satin and coated cotton. How to choose table linen and the fabric that goes with it? It all depends on your taste, your preferences and the use of the fabric. Enhance elegance with classic linen, which is also very resistant and suitable for outdoor tables. For a chic look, you can also opt for washed linen with its noble bleached look. Cotton satin is easy to live with. It is water-repellent, prevents stains from seeping in, and is easy to wash and iron. The same goes for coated cotton, it is easy to clean, ideal for the kitchen and living room. Half-linen is half linen, half cotton. This one has the characteristics of these two materials at the same time.

Which colour style to adopt?

Apart from its functional aspect, the tablecloth also has its role to play in decoration. Indeed, the play of colours is a specific way of asserting the decorative aspect of your space: neutral colours such as grey or beige combine marvellously with an elegant and refined decor. Bright colours such as blue or yellow can also enhance a room with a neutral tone. For a stylish decoration, add a touch of fantasy with brighter colours. Plain or patterned, a wide range of colours is available, so you just have to choose the table linen according to your mood. Currently, ethnic and graphic patterns are the main trends.

What is the ideal tablecloth size?

To adjust your decor, you need to agree on the size of your tablecloths. Obviously, to choose the right table linen and to have a successful effect, the dimensions must match the size of the table top. In this case, avoid tablecloths that are too short, highlight your tablecloth by leaving a drop of 20 cm to 50 cm on each side. Depending on the size of your table, tablecloths are available in square, round and rectangular shapes. The practical size for a square table with a 150cm side 150cm is 180cm x180cm. For a round table with a diameter of 110cm or 130cm you should choose a tablecloth with a diameter of 160cm or 180cm. The ideal size for a rectangular table for 6 to 8 people varies from 150 x 250cm to 160 x 250cm. It is also possible to choose a tablecloth shape that is different from the table. If you have an oval table, a rectangular tablecloth is welcome, as is a square tablecloth with a round table.
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