We are unaware that the pillow is a major factor in a good night's sleep. If you do, night-time difficulties can ruin an entire day of work or school. For children, sleep is all the more important because it contributes to growth. Getting enough sleep is more important for them than for adults. There are many types of pillows: natural pillow,synthetic pillow,luxury pillow,.. Therefore, choosing a quality pillow is essential. Check dumas-paris.com for more information.

What is the pillow made of?

The first criterion for choosing a pillow is the filling. This is the material to fill the pillow. This filling can be made of all kinds of materials, such as wool, down, feathers or foam. Polyester synthetics are to be preferred, because it takes into account the fragility of your child's skull. Down-feather or also called down and feather is not to be underestimated. The feather is very comfortable in bed, well ventilated and more durable. As for the fabric covering the filling, it must be perfectly waterproof to avoid suffocating children.

Too big or too small.. Square or rectangular

Which pillow for children to buy? To help you, remember that a child's head is small. The reasonable size for a child therefore varies between 30 cm to 40 cm × 40 cm to 60 cm. This size fits his needs from his first age up to about 3 years old. In terms of shape, the rectangular model is more adaptable to his or her positions and movements during the night. Don't forget to change the colour or design of your child's pillow to bring a little harmony of colours into his room. To remove all your doubts, you can take your child for a trial in specialist pillow shops. You can also indicate his age to the online advisers for more information.

A healthy and satisfying pillow

Before choosing a child pillow, it is necessary to consider health. When it comes to health, you should choose a pillow that is easy to wash and does not require frequent washing. Flexibility is one indicator of a healthy child pillow. It should be very soft and supple to avoid hitting the spine from inappropriate positions, while providing good support for the body. Testing a product before trading has never been a sin.