Pajamas are much more than an outfit you wear to sleep. While some people just wear old t-shirts, old jogging pants or misshapen dresses to bed, some people take great care in choosing their pyjamas as if they were going to wear them in the street.

Why choose your pajamas with care?

When people go home they are tired and are desperate to find comfort, to take care of themselves. And one of the easiest ways to find this comfort is to get lost in soft pyjamas. Of course, most people feel that the bed is made for sleeping and it doesn't matter what you're going to wear! But to feel good on the inside, to be comfortable in your own skin, you need to be comfortable in what you wear; wearing a t-shirt from your college years or your boyfriend's underwear won't improve your self-confidence and going to bed with your partner in the least flattering outfit possible won't help you either. Treat yourself and your partner to nice pajamas.

Go to bed in style

You have to suffer to be beautiful. That's not at all the case with fancy pajamas. Style, sophistication and class but also comfort. Some pyjamas are so sophisticated, well cut and made with such rich materials that you would almost take them for street clothes: shirt, pants, shorts, babydoll or even a kimono. Other brands still use traditional fabrics such as cotton or linen, but leave nothing to chance as to the cut and shape of your pyjamas, so much so that you would think they were made to measure.

An outfit that can even be worn in public

The pajamas are so comfortable that they have been worn on the street for a few years now. The most valiant wear them from head to toe, the more discreet will prefer to wear a pyjama top with jeans, a leather skirt or a pyjama bottom with a more classic outfit. The fact is that pyjama-inspired outfits are becoming more and more fashionable. From Kate Moss to Victoria Beckham to starlets like Gigi Hadid and Rihanna, pyjamas are everywhere and are on the verge of dethroning sportswear in the comfortable and casual category. But unlike jogging suits, pajamas are not only easy to wear and comfortable, they can also be chic and sexy if cut to the exact shapes and materials. Unless you're on holiday or at home, always opt for silk pyjamas; they're best worn with high heels, jewellery and a sober, classy hairstyle for a more formal outing, and with Stan Smith for a more casual look. Always choose luxurious materials and classic, sober colours to avoid the "straight out of bed" look. So avoid flannel, Ugg and teddy bear prints.