What material to choose for her dressing gown?

The dressing gown refers to the indoor clothing that a woman puts on at home to relax. Being a cocooning outfit, it is worn as a jacket over another garment. Buying a dressing gown is sometimes difficult because the choice of materials is vast.

What is the ideal dressing gown?

Wearing it over another piece of clothing, the dressing gown must be well chosen. To be comfortable, you should choose the one that is not too tight with the right material for a dressing gown. When you want to buy one, choose the one that will make you feel comfortable. A light garment is more comfortable than a heavy one. So a dressing gown made of a light fiber is best.

Criteria for buying a dressing gown

The manufacturing fibre is the main criterion not to be neglected when buying a dressing gown. Indeed, it is essential so that people with sensitive skin do not catch allergies. Nevertheless, the material for a dressing gown must rhyme with the season. Cotton, silk and bamboo are to be preferred in summer. In addition to being light and soft, they are also hypoallergenic. In winter, the choice par excellence is the velvet dressing gown, because it warms up enormously. There is also a microfibre dressing gown for those who support synthetic fibres. In addition to the fibre, the size is also an element to consider. Since the dressing gown is worn like a jacket, you should choose the one that fits your size. Also, the cut and colour depend on your preference.

Choosing a quality dressing gown

Distinguishing a quality dressing gown from a cheap or standard dressing gown is not a simple thing. To avoid buying a dressing gown every time, these few points can help:
  • The material : evoking the material for a dressing gown is the first reflex of most women.
  • Cotton: an excellent conductor of heat and resistant, it is a sure value for indoor clothing.
  • Silk: light and strong, it is synonymous with quality.
  • The weight: the quality of the material according to the weight is important. A cotton dressing gown with a weight of 300g/m2 is often ideal.
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